Tuesday, April 10, 2018

"Am I My Brother’s Keeper?"

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

I wanna hit you off with the 10 Guy Code Commandments in the Swinger Lifestyle

These rules apply to the Vanilla (non-Lifestyle) world as well

1. Thou shall not throw shade on another man's name to get pussy

2. Thou shall not jump in your fellow man's play session unless he invites you

So don't ask

3. Thou shall not take screenshots of a chick in a group without her knowing it, and post it in another group to ridicule

4. Thou shall not get mad because a dude is fuckin' the shit outta your chick @ a party with your permission

5. Thou shall not dry snitch on your fellow man to his woman for creeping

That's what her girlfriends are for

6. Thou shall not fuck a drunk chick who's doesn't know if she's coming or going

That's technically rape

7. Thou shall not take a shower with a man @ a party after a session if you call yourself straight

8. Thou shall not disagree with your fellow man to get pussy when he's debating with a woman as you know she's full of shit

9. Thou shall not talk shit about a chick after you willingly fucked her

Once you lay down with her, you made her your equal

10. Thou shall not throw shade @ a chick because she doesn't wanna play with you

Keep it player and move on

Aight, I'm Audi 5G

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah'Sun the Great @ www.nahsunblaze.com

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