Monday, February 13, 2012

Lying About Book Sales is Sexy

Ayo…I wanna pour out some herbal tea for Whitney Houston…a damn shame for what happened to her…a great loss.

48 is mad young…real talk.

I also wanna pour out some green tea for Prime Time book store that was located a couple blocks from Fulton Ave on Nostrand Avenue in Bed Stuy, Brooklyn.

Another independent book store bites the dust. I was pissed to see the book store closed...I wanted to cop a new book to read...FUCK!!!

I’m not gonna blame the close on the lack of support from buyers. You never know. The landlord could’ve jacked up the cost to lease the joint for the new year and forced the book store out.

Then again…I did see a barber shop a couple doors down on the same strip…and then again, you know Negroes love to get their hair tight at least twice a week.

Speaking of lack of support, a lot of people dislike when authors lie about their sales. A lot of authors give themselves “the best seller” tag like it’s going out of style.

Guess what...I really don’t blame authors for doing that.

One of the first questions I get from potential buyers when I’m out on the grind is, “How many books you sold?”

I’m thinking to myself, “What the fuck does my book sales have to do with the actual content of the novel?” I hold back on expressing that thought because I don’t wanna appear rude and lose out on a sale.

So I usually give them the vague answer of, “I’m doing well” (which I am) or “I’m on my second print run” (which isn’t a lie)

American society has an issue with associating quality with sales. That’s a false. You can convince the public that syrup on shit is pancakes with the right marketing and promotion.

Oh…I forgot…they’re already doing that…it’s called Chit’lins

Let me stop before my Southern brothers and sisters send me hate emails.

I remember one time I helped this sista make up a story to a customer at her book signing in Harlem about BET picking up the movie rights to her novel. I lied my ass off…LOL…I wanted to help a sista out, so I played along with her.  

And yep...she got a sale.

You can’t get mad at the author for doing that…a lot of people are quick to support the rich and forget about the poor…the book game is ugly, just like any business of selling…you gotta fake it before you make it to put your foot in the door sometimes.

We’re living in a society where people care more about record sales than the actual music…it’s hard to speak honestly when the world is superficial…you gotta get it how you live.

Me personally…I don’t lie about my sales...I give vague answers like I said before…I let the reader figure the shit out on their own.

Am I wrong for saying I’m a best seller if I order only 100 books and sell out of them?

I mean, I did “sell” them to the “best” of my abilities…right?

Marinate on that…until the next time…



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