Wednesday, February 8, 2012

The Game to be SOULED, Not to be SOLD - Interview with a Former Pimp PART 1

Pimping is an old art form that Black men in America used to survive post-slavery and racist Jim Crow laws. America’s prejudice with her hesitance to provide young Black males jobs to make a living forced their will to get money by other means. Some took part in the The Sporting Life, or what is commonly known as The Life or Pimping in order to make ends meet.

Irish and Italian gangs were the American gangsters during the Jim Crow era. Black men didn’t have the means or the political clout to make moves as gangsters. In fact, you didn’t dare call a Black man a “gangster” even when he took part in criminal activity back in those days. He saw the term as offensive.

Using wits and the gift of gab came before the muscle of a gangster. You wouldn’t eat if you didn’t have a mouthpiece. And since prostitution is the world’s oldest profession, dudes managing and turning out chicks to sell pussy for paper filled up pockets.

When the country caught on to the pimp game and the vices within, brothers had to elevate their game to avoid jail bars, the mental hospital, or even death. Brothers like Caujaun aka Ka$hanova, whom law authorities in San Diego had once labeled him and his brother (Allmighty Master Supreme) the most sophisticated pimps in the county, are striving to leave the game on some street to executive suite type shit.

Peep the interview I conducted with Caujuan to witness the transformation and elevation of the soul of a man who played his hand deep in the game 

Caujuan on the left with his brother Allmighty Master Supreme on the right

Nah’Sun - What was the turning point in your life that told you to leave the game and get into freelance photography, graphic/web designing and owning a break dancing roller skating team called Uprock?

- When I went to prison and was facing 13 years. Being away from my son was the worst. I knew that no amount of money in the world was worth my freedom. I actually came to the realization while on the run. That's when me and my son started Team Uprock.

- How was the transition to go from the streets to making legit paper?

- The transition was hard. I still struggle with it today. It's hard when you're use to making a thousand dollars a day, sometimes more which is $20,000 or better a month, to just enough to get by. If no client wants a website, pics, or graphics, then there's no money that day. Maybe even that week. When life starts throwing you curve balls like that and you know you're capable of making money in a day then you might have made all month, it gets real hard to stay legit.

- How long were you in “The Life”, and while you were in the game, what did you see yourself doing 5 or 10 years ahead of that period?

- I started pimping in ‘95. I was 21 years old. I was laced by a couple of old school pimps, so I had real old school game. Nothing like what the game is today. Now the game is hella watered down and messed up. You know it's bad when you have a pimp task force jumping out on fools like they the DEA (Drug Enforcement Administration). I was always ahead of the game with my thinking though.

When everybody else was working their girls on the track (the streets), I was working my girls in the (escort) service. I learned quickly where the High class money was. This was waaaay before working in an escort service was popular. It use to be like only 5 girls total that worked in the service, and most of them never worked pass 1am. So my girls would rack up working 'til the sun came up, getting all the calls lazy hoes passed up.

Then when pimps finally caught on and started putting their hoes in the service, I got hip to the internet and started posting my girls on, cityvibe, and eros. I helped launch those sites. One of the owners of exotics was actually one of my girl’s clients. I always treated the game like a means to an end. This was when my brother and I decided to open our own service and get all the money!

Why pay a service $100 to $200 a call when we can keep that, too, and run our own shit. We was already averaging over $40,000 a month combined. So that's what we did. Then we started a rap label and opened up a studio to start cleaning up the money and transition into being 100% legal. That was the plan.


Nah’Sun - That’s crazy because I actually thought about running an escort service while in college. Two chicks who happened to be from Philly needed some dough. Bad broads, too. One was already stripping. The other girl’s family’s business went down the drain.

I told them about the idea of an escort. They were with it!

I didn’t go forward with running the escort for various reasons. What I didn’t know that the service could turn illegal on the strength of sex between both parties involved.

I would’ve got my ass caught up on something serious…LOL

Were you on the run during the time you sent the videotape to the Cross Country Pimping Documentary stating you and your brother’s issue with the law?

And if so, how did you get out of that jam to jump start what you’re doing now?

I thought it was interesting that you’d sent
Too Real For TV that videotape while on the run considering that law authorities could’ve tracked you down.

- Yeah I was on the run when I sent the videotape, and as crazy as that sounds, I actually took a lot of precautions like for instance, I changed my whole identity and never used my real social security number nor did I ever contact any of my family for the first year. And when I did it was real covert.

I use to study books on how to live on the run and how to change your identity and not get caught. I had the shit down to a science. It got to the point where I was on the run so long I actually did start getting reckless. Like believe it or not, I skated with my team for the Atlanta Hawks halftime show or even worst I was on America's Got Talent in 2008 right before I got caught. LOL

I finally got caught in 2008. I was on the run a full 5 years which is good by any means especially with a case as big as mines was. My face was on the web TV and news. The cops didn't have a clue where I was and probably still wouldn't if it wasn't for one of my ex-hoes telling where I was. I have no direct proof she told but my Pimpintuition tells me she did. I was smart enough to know that one day I was gonna get caught and have to answer to my charges so I stacked my chips up, stayed low key, and lived my life to the fullest.

Nah’Sun - How did you come up with the concept of owning a break dancing skate boarding team once you left the game?

I’ve never heard of a break dancing skate team before. It looks and sounds dope.


Caujuan - I came up with my jamskating by accident. One day my son asked if we could go to the skating rink around the corner from where we was living. So we went, and when we got there we noticed these skaters doing some moves I'd never saw before. They was break dancing, spinning, flipping, floor work, and the whole time I was like "that shits dope!"

So the next week I bought me and my son some skates and we took to it like fish to water. The following week we started our own team and it took off. Six months later we going cross country skating and winning completions hahaha. Kinda funny when you think about it, I went from cross country pimpin to cross country skating

Nah’Sun - See, man. You're showing and proving. You stumbled upon something without even trying. If you can make thousands in one game, I’m sure you can replicate that in another.

- Yep, that's because a true hustla is gonna always survive and make shit happen. Whether he slangin pussy or cans for a living, he gonna make it happen. And not only is he gone make it happen, but he's gonna elevate while doing so can't keep a real hustla down.

Caujuan with break dancing skate team

Nah’Sun – Speaking of cross country, I see you’re a native New Yorker. How did you get from NYC to Daygo (San Diego)?

I caught the West Coast accent when I saw the videotape.

- I was born in New York, grew up in Queens, a couple years in The Bronx, and about a year in Manhattan before I moved out west to San Diego when I was 10. I had a hustler dad. I grew up righteous a part of the 5% Nation of Islam. Which is the good part of why I grew up so open minded and intelligent. My father had 4 earths (wives) at one point, and they did all the woman things a woman should do like cook, clean, sew, and teach the children.

I was home schooled from birth to 6 so by the time I went to school I was hella smart and real advanced. So was my brother. Growing up in that type of situation was similar to pimpin’ when you think about it; all the women in one household taking care of their man and business while he provides guidance and knowledge. When I think back I realize I was born into this because once I started pimping it didn't seem like much of a jump from what I was already witnessing since birth except I had to be fine with my women sleeping with other men.

For some reason that never bothered me. My dad was a good dad, just a lousy husband and would beat my mother real bad sometimes almost 'til death. That, and the 80's crack epidemic is what brought us to California. That was the last time I saw the person I always called father. That's also when he went from a good dad to a lousy father.


Nah’Sun – Wow…that's crazy. Now I see how and why you got into the game. You pretty much saw it every day. 

You have a righteous name. Explain the internal struggle between having knowledge of self from the 5 Percent Nation teachings while running an escort service.

- Well when I moved to San Diego, I fell victim and stopped living under the 5% teachings with the exception of not eating pork and having knowledge of self. So for me it wasn't much of a struggle. Being righteous just made me more aware of the world and the true meaning of life. If anything it motivated me to get money more. This world is scandalous especially when you know the truth behind who really runs the planet like the Masons and shit like that.

Our country was built on crime and treachery. So I knew as a Black man in America the deck is already stacked against you and if you're a poor Black man it's gonna be 10 times as hard…but not impossible!

I just wasn't willing to take the slow route. I was addicted to fast money. Before I was pimping, I use to jack D-Boys (dope boys) for pounds of weed. At this time I was only 16. I just loved the rush of getting money and having things.


Nah’Sun - What are some ways that motivates you to stay on the straight path?

A lot of brothers go in and out of the penal system and become mentally conditioned to go back to what they know best.

- Being with my son and having an active role in his life is my main motivation to stay straight and narrow. The second is my freedom. You can't put a price tag on your freedom. To have another human being telling you when to eat, sleep, strip, and shit is the most degrading and humiliating thing a person can go through. The actual time is nothing once you get use to being locked up because as humans we have a basic instinct to survive no matter how harsh the conditions.

So you adapt. The strong survive and the weak perish. That's the reason so many get institutionalized because just think about it for a sec. If you don't have shit to live for on the streets, no family, no real friends, no self worth or life worth talking about, then get thrown into a situation where you live rent free, basic cable, 3 meals, clothes, and a warm bed would you be trippin’ on being there? Not likely.

The hardest part about being locked up is being away from family and a significant other. Well if you don't have those things then you're not really missing anything and it's easy to get caught up in the revolving door of the penal system.


Nah’Sun - And with that said, how do you feel about the commercialization of pimping?

I don't think Maroy (Director of the
Cross Country Pimping series) is doing anymore Cross Country Pimping documentaries because word on the street is that he feels the same as you about the watering down of the game.

- I think the commercialization of pimping is disgusting and has done more harm to the game than any one thing. You gotta realize this shit use to be a secret society. A muthafucka thought pimping was a joke before American Pimp, Pimps Up Hoes Down, 50 Cent, etc. People use to think that a pimp was a dude in a clown suit and gold fish platforms. Or a white man with a leather coat, switch blade, and chains on looking Italian. Nobody ever thought in a million years that a pimp was making D-Boy money all while living under the radar and neither did the police...Until we started telling on our self and exposing game.



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