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The Game to be SOULED, Not to be SOLD - Interview with a Former Pimp PART 2

This is PART 2 of my interview with Caujuan aka Ka$hanova

HERE if you missed PART 1

From left to right: Caujuan, Maroy, Kenny Redd, Supreme @ the West Coast Player's Ball

Nah’Sun - I saw your post on Facebook about chastising pimps for having underage girls for service. It’s stereotyped that all pimps and guys who own escort services have minors working for them. Please clear the air from your perspective.

Caujuan - I hate anybody that exploits underage girls and prostitute them with a passion. First and foremost, that's the biggest misconception and out right lie, that all pimps turn out little girls or force females to work.

This game is about choose and chosen. Females enter the game by choice. They pay a pimp by choice. How the fuck you gonna force another grown person to do anything that they don't wanna do? You send a hoe out on the track, she out there for hours on end (by herself) and then comes home after working so many odd hours. Why the fuck did she come home if she didn't wanna be there???

She had all day to leave. Shit, she could have bought a bus ticket after her first date and been in another state before her pimp was none the wiser. I feel like a pimp that pimps on minors have no game about them self. You should be able to deal with a woman with a developed mind that’s of age and can make proper decisions. Not a little girl that’s confused and still tryna find her way in the world.


Nah’Sun - Tell me more about you book. What’s the name of your upcoming joint, and what will separate the content from well known books on the subject like Donald Goines’s Whoreson and Iceberg Slim’s Pimp?

Caujuan - Well my book is called Let Me Pimp Or Let Me Die and it's the realist book in the game, about the game, since those books you just named. The difference in my book and those is those books take place in the 50's and 60's. My book takes place in the here and now. It's very modern and shit, a pimp or hoe in the life right now can relate to. It's raw but not over the top. It's very realistic and a straight page turner. When I was locked up I would let brothers read it because I knew that that was my target market, and I kid you not, once most of them started reading it, they couldn't put it down. One cat read the book for 10 hours straight! That's when I knew I had a winner.


Nah’Sun – I feel you. What’s the best city in the country that has the most beautiful women in your opinion?

I love to travel and ya boy needs some eye candy.

Caujuan – Daygo (San Diego), where else? Hahaha. Nah real shit, tho. The one thing I love about Daygo is the diversity. Like when you go down south it's real cut in dry...Black, white, Mexican and a few others. And they don't really interact much, not like they do in Daygo. But in Daygo, we have Blacks, whites, Mexicans, Filipinos, islanders, Samoans, the list goes on. And we all fuck with each other. But I'd have to say Miami's a close second. They have some beautiful women up there.


Nah’Sun – I’ma have to check out Daygo to see for myself. I know it’s a big military town, too. So how do you know when a woman is choosing you?

Caujuan - If she's a hoe, the moment she steps outta pocket. If I got eyes I know I got action. If it’s a square, then it's all in the chemistry and attitude. Like if she's smiling, playing with her hair when I talk to her, staying interested and stuck on my every word when I'm getting at her, etc etc etc. 

Nah’Sun - Please explain the meaning of having game. People nowadays think game is corny pick up lines.

Caujuan - Yeah that's the other misconception about pimping. That if you can come up with some corny ass line that rhymes then you a pimp. Like..."bitch quit simpin and get wit this pimpin" NOT!!!! That shit ain't about nothing. That's only 1 percent of the game. The other 99 consist of charisma, knowledge, psychology, manipulation, and always having the right thing to say.

A pimp is never lost for words. He has the answers to any and all questions at the drop of a pimp hat. I use to pride myself in having mostly fresh turn outs. Squares that said prior to dealing with me that they would "never" even think about being a prostitute or paying a pimp much less doing it. That was how I perfected my game. 80% of my hoes were fresh turn outs. 

Nah’Sun - How would a guy get over rejection from a woman?

Caujuan - A man gets over rejection from women by getting at more women. Females love confidence. It's the number one thing they're attracted to next to humor and making them laugh. Who wants a weak man with low self esteem scared to approach women? Women out number men in America like 3 to 1. So my theory is, for every two that ain't talking bout nothing one is. Even in baseball you might miss two pitches but the last ball you slam outta the park. Treat rejection like it's the woman’s lost and she missed out. Walk away with your head up high. Smile, nod, and move on to the next. Pulling females is like anything else in life, the more you do it the better you get at it.


Nah’Sun – That’s real talk. What were some of the biggest tricks in the game…athletes, politicians, musicians, etc?

I know some of the shit you've seen shocked the hell out of you...LOL

Caujuan - All of thee above. But corporate white folks and Asians are the best. My bro's bitch before we got knocked off got over $80,000 from one trick in one whop who was her sugar daddy. Now that's gwap!

Yeah I saw and heard about a lot of shocking shit that most people wouldn't believe unless they saw it with their own eyes. I have a few stories like that incorporated in my book. I can't give up all the game so readers are gonna have to buy the book to find out what I'm talking about


Nah’Sun – I got you. You gonna have to keep me updated about your joint. What are some of the things you’ll teach your son so he wouldn’t go through the same trials as you?

And what would you say to him if he wanted to follow your footsteps by getting in the game?

Caujuan - Teach my son to learn from me, not be like me. Take all of the good and positive aspects of my life and disregard the negative ones. My son has a lot of game about himself because he was exposed to the game his entire life.

When I went on the run, 6 months into it I sent for him and had him by my side ‘til the day I got caught. I have NO respect for dead beat dads because I know what it's like to grow up without a strong male role model. Especially for boys. Cause no matter how good of a mom a woman might be, it takes a man to teach a boy how to be a man...period! No disrespect to the single mothers out there holding it down, but it is what it is.

I taught my son from day one to do good in school and be the best at what ever he do. I taught him (through example) the downfall to the game and anything related to it. I taught him that the game is always a dead end road and only 5% or less ever make it out rich, successful, or not in prison. He was there when I was super rich and he was there when I was super broke, so he knows this to be fact. I build with my son every day. We have an unbreakable bond and he's a very good kid. I couldn't be prouder of him. He gets all A's and B's in school, no gangbangin, no drug using, and highly respectful to others. What more can I ask?

I would never let him follow in my footsteps, so that’s not even a question. My son's gonna be the opposite of me. I teach my son to use the game he was born with and into, and use it to rule the world from a square’s perspective, just like I'm doing now. I lead by example. So with that he sees the benefits of getting money in the game as well as getting money legally. The difference in the two is...there's no pit falls to worry about the legal route. And he understands that.


Nah’Sun - That's's good that you're choppin' it up and buildin' with your sun (son) to show him the ins and outs of life. 

Tell me about Caujuan 5 years from now.

Caujuan - Well the Caujuan 5 years from now will be very successful. I'm already paving the way for that right now. My brother and I started a company called Supreme Team Media set to launch in 3 weeks. We're basically your one stop shop for any and everything that has to do with media. We have the best web designers, graphic artist, videographers, social media marketers, etc. And we're not talking on a small scale but on a very high end scale.

I got tired of dealing with broke rappers and models that wouldn't even spend $10 on a timeline cover to promote themselves...that's crazy! It's like damn, if a person won't spend $5 how the hell you gonna get them to spend $500 or even better $5,000?


Nah’Sun – LOL…That’s real talk.

Caujuan - So that's when my brother and I knew it was time to switch tracks but continue riding the same train. We met a couple of individuals connected within some rich and important circles and joined forces. Now we do high end work for high end prices. Next month we're incorporating. So in 5 years I should be a millionaire or at the very least a hundred thousandaire.


Nah’Sun – Aight, bro Caujuan. We’re gonna wrap this up. It’s been real. Feel free to give some shout outs so we can close the curtain on this party.

Caujuan - Shout out to my bro Supreme for holding it down while I was locked up and paving the way so I wouldn't have to hustle when I came home.

Shout out to Maroy from Too Real for TV, a good friend of mines for showing me love on Cross Country Pimping Part 1 (the DVD that started it all). He could have shown me in a negative, flashy flamboyant light, but instead focused on the injustice of how the San Diego PD (Police Department), sheriffs, vice, and prosecutors did us foul.

Shout out to all the females that held me down when I was locked up: books fat, JPay every week, packages and 3 cell phones on deck (pimp shit) LOL.

And last but not least to all my playa patna and hoes in the game.

Pimps know the rest!

One love...Peace

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