Monday, February 27, 2012

Foreign Model + Hip-Hop Icon x Me = Undisputed Classic

The good folks @ Thick N Thicker Entertainment interviewed me for their Officially Rated Thick radio show over the weekend

The interview is funny as H.E. double hockey sticks…check for yourself…I’m the last guest on the joint

The first two guests are Shelly, a model from Holland (yes, Blacks folks exist in Holland)…and Hip-Hop icon CL Smooth

Of course they saved the best for last…*straight face*

Oh yeah…this random guy in the studio walked up to me and said he admired my work…I didn't know whether I should believe he got me confused with CL or if he truly read my work...I mean, I look like every Black celebrity nowadays according to people


Oh well…on to the clip

Watch live video from inthemixxradio on


  1. This was a great interview along with the many others I've heard and read. I am very happy for all of your success thus far, and look forward to many many more. Nah'Sun Blaze is definitely whats hott!!

    Showing love all the way from the Nati!!


    1. You should've called in, champ

      Thanks for the love

  2. Great interview! Wish I had gotten a chance to call to speak with you during the show. I bought the book last night and will be reading this weekend. Yayyy! Looking forward to reading your work.

    Kasaundra Echols Brinkley (Kassie)

    1. Aaaaaaah, yes...let me know when you received the book...thanks again