Thursday, April 4, 2013

Father Whoops Daughters for Twerkin'...and Gets Arrested!!!

What’s woody wood, grasshoppers?

Ayo, I’m halfway done with finishing a chapter of In the Thick of Things aka Thick 3…the 3rd installment of my infamous Thick novel series

So far, so good…but, man, writing a book ain't easy…shit is hard, but hey, somebody gotta do it

But fuck all that for a second, I wanna talk about the black belt champion aka Daddy Cool for whoopin’ the dog shit outta his daughters for twerkin’

Twerkin’ is pretty much booty shakin’ gymnastics for those who aren’t "in the know"

And you know what’s crazy about this whole sit’ation?

You got people in cyber space stressin' that the whoopin’ from the father, Mr. Greg Horn of Dayton, Ohio, was out of line and abusive….okay, I can respect that opinion…but shit, I got my ass handed to me when I was young and dumb much WORSE than what you're about to see in the clip


Ayo...I bet all you mofos that’s against the father servin’ his daughters that good ol skool ass whoppin’ are the same ones typing "smh" or "where are the parents?" when you see stories or images of the youth actin’ like they got no damn home training

People complain about fathers not being around the household, but then complain when they DO discipline their children to keep things in order

Ain’t that a bitch?!

If you ask me, hell naw that whoopin' wasn't too much...that shit was out of love, straight up...would you rather see those little girls get their asses whooped by daddy, or see them on the hoe stroll and get their asses whooped by PIMP daddy?

I thought so 

I mean, gah-damn…society is gettin’ too damn soft on these youngins…it ain’t abuse if they don’t die…real talk…LOL

My grandma (may God bless Ms. Christine's sweet soul) used to whup me and my cousins until we developed what she called “alligator skin”

You see, family…alligator skin is when you get beat by belts, ropes, extension and ironing cords for so long that your skin gets immune to the shit…I guess that’s why I can survive in the book game because I got "thick skin"

Okay, that joke was type-corny…anyway, here comes the fucked up part…

I just heard that the father got indicted for the whoopin's…maaaaan, that’s that bullshit…the government is quick to lock niggas up for actin’ a fool, but then turn around and arrest the parent that’s supposed to serve justice whenever their kids are out of line so they WON'T get locked up for actin' a fool when they grow up

Only in America where you’ll get arrested for whoopin’ your kids…then you wonder why the youth act so damn savage

Hold ya head up, Mr. Horn

That “time out” and “sit in the corner” nonsense don’t work for these hard heads nowadays

And for the record, I only saw one of those twerk videos in its entirety…I don’t bother watching them…I bet most of those chicks are under 18 (most likely fatherless) and lookin’ for attention…sad shit, ain’t it?

But check it…

…a lot of females nowadays got the game all twisted up back asswards

Instead of fuckin for Facebook and twerkin’ for Twitter damn near buck nekkid, what they SHOULD do is use the power of the "P" persuasion and GET MONEY if they gonna go that route

They doing all this attention whoring broke as hell without two nickels to rub against

And the last time I checked, you don’t get paid for having a gang of Facebook LIKES and your ego boosted

If you gonna be a hoe, AT LEAST be a good one, or else get some knowledge of self

Aight, ya’ll…I’m out...I got more writing to do

Nah’Sun the Great aka your favorite thick girl author @

P.S. if you haven't seen the art of "twerkin," just run a search on YouTube

In the mean time, enjoy the whoopin' below...cheerio! 


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    1. Crazy that 12 and 14 year old girls got the nerve to get their twerk on...

      ...the ass whoopin ain't crazy, tho...LOL