Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Ghetto Pass in Jersey

What’s woody wood, grasshoppers???

Play the CLASSIC instrumental up top to groove while you get your read on

Ayo…this past weekend I took a much needed trip to Trenton, New Jersey to hang out with some peeps, also known as my ghetto tour guide…for those in the know, Trenton is HOOD as hell…straight grimy, kid

That says a lot considering I’m from the worst housing project in Chicago…LOL 

My Old Building...61 Macs in Cabrini Green

Trenton’s bad rep didn’t stop the king from doing some quick sight seeing @ the Donnelly Homes Housing Projects that first night
The Homes Projects reminds me of the row houses in the Cabrini Green Housing Projects in Chicago; my old stomping grounds...you know about the Greens, baby…it’s the ‘hood where Coolie High and Candy Man were filmed and the sitcom Good Times was based at
The Greens no longer exist…Uncle Sam had pretty much torn down every housing project in the Chi
That’s for another blog...back to Jerz
I swooped by Trenton around 8pm Saturday…it ain’t shit to do in Trenton at night, so my peeps decided to hit up the liquor store before we caught the Michigan/Syracuse game…before we copped some liqs, I told my partner-n-crime to take me to MLK
The Boulevard to be exact

Donnelly Homes Housing Projects

I wanted to peep the Homes Projects on The Boulevard…I saw that joint on Gangland when they filmed the Sex, Money, Murder and G-Shine niggas…I checked out the ‘hood and did my own mini-documentary

I’m a fool with it, right?...ha ha!

I took some flicks and filmed around the ‘hood before I copped me a can of ginger ale at the liquor store to mix it with the E&J to get right for the night

Maaaan, joe…after gettin’ right from that drink and grubbin on pizza and cheese sticks from Papa Johns, I was knocked out, sun…I mean Tyson-punch knocked out…I thought it was funny when some dude from Papa Johns had checked to see if they delivered in the ‘hood I was in

I haven’t heard that shit since the ‘90s…LOL

So check it…Day 2, my peeps treated me to IHOP in Hamilton…a ninja was hungry, so you know that cheese omelet was no match for the king…word to mutha

All I gotta say about my time at IHOP is that I got some crazy ass friends…they talkin’ about other people’s kids and shit, roastin’ the waitress who looked like her face had overdosed on lip stick

Karma bit one of my crimey’s in the ass when she damn near lost her phone…that’s what her ass get for fuckin’ with other peoples’ kids…LOL

Stuyvesant and Ellsworth was the next ‘hood we rolled thru…once again, the Gangland joint led me to that intersection…3 dudes paced toward us as we took some flicks on the corner

Not for nothin’, fam, I thought those cats were clockin’ me hard on some “why the fuck they takin’ pictures in my ‘hood?” type shit…but naw, they weren’t...

...they were too busy checkin’ out the phat African ass on my homegirl

*face palm*

A 60-inch ass is every man’s kryptonite

The Corner of Stuyvesant and Ellsworth

We left that joint to hit up Roger Gardens…it's another housing project in Trenton...my peeps said that ‘hood was too dangerous for us to take flicks…LOL…so I filmed it instead
Niggas in Trenton have the eyes of a killer on some “I’ll kill you over a bag of cheetos” type shit…real talk…lookin’ at some of the dudes grillin’ us real gangster-like as we rolled thru gave me flashbacks of when I used to live in the Greens when that ‘hood used to be on some Wild Wild West shit

I later paid homage at the Tamrah Leonard mural in North Trenton on MLK Blvd…shorty got killed from a stray bullet from a drive-by at a block party

Rest in Paradise, baby girl

The trial of the shooter is still going on, but I wanna get something off my chest right quick…

Brothas…if you gonna lick shots at someone, DON’T be reckless by shootin' at a crowd especially when kids are around…catch whoever you wanna get on a SOLO tip…real shit

Or else you’ll find yourself doing football numbers without pussy and freedom while worryin’ about the wolves testing your gangster

It’s like what my man Nas said on the One Love joint:

"...I had to school him, told him don't let niggas fool him,
'cuz when the pistol blows the one that's murdered will be the cool one,
Tough luck when niggas are struck, families fucked up,
Could've caught your man, but didn't look when you bucked up,
Mistakes happen, so take heed,
Never bust up at the crowd, catch him solo, make the right man bleed..."


Aight, back to some positive shit…

I had fun at Trenton believe it or not…yeah, that town is wild as fuck (drugs, broken homes, and lack of jobs will make beautiful people do some ugly shit)…but hey, you gotta make the best of everything

And you know I did…even if I was there for only two days

One thing’s for sure, and two thing’s for certain…Trenton looks country as hell…LMAO

Aight, ya’ll…I’m out


Nah’Sun @ www.nahsunblaze.com

Stuntin' @ Donnelly Homes

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