Thursday, April 18, 2013

The Bay Wives Reality Show

What’s woody wood, kinfolk? 

Ayo…I don’t watch reality shows…as a Black man living in America, my life is already a reality show 

But I fucks with The Bay Wives reality show that’s becoming popular on the internet 


I can relate to this joint…real talk…it looks like some shit I see everyday when I’m out and about…and besides, I support grassroots movements

I need some brain candy anyway 

The editing needs polishing and better transitioning, but hey, the ESPN from the ‘80s is not the ESPN you see today 

The commercials between the scenes are funny as hell, tho...LOL

Anyway, without further ado, enjoy

CLICK HERE if you’re reading this from your cell phone...OAKLAND AND SAN FRAN STAND UP!!!


Nah'Sun the Great