Thursday, March 14, 2013

Writing as a Hustle

Grindin' in front of Black & Nobel, Philly USA

What’s woody, grasshoppers?

Ayo…you have a lot of new authors…some have a genuine interest in writing, while others are fuckin’ up the game by thinking you can make a quick buck

The 99-cent eBook sale prices are pissing me the fuck’s ruining the see, people…every author in the game is a part of the same fraternity and sorority…in other words, the actions of one author can cause a ripple effect in the ocean

Kinda like how a single rock that’s thrown in the water can cause a hurricane

I say that because authors selling their eBooks for 99-cent screws up the flow of money making when you have authors LIKE ME that actually have confidence and high esteem for my work

I’ll NEVER sell my eBooks for pennies…I might as well sell them for free…real talk

I think eBooks are the devil for various reasons, but when I DO convert my paperbacks to eBooks, I’m selling them for no less than 4 bucks…I’ll be damn to short change myself for a quick come up…I’m sitting on a goldmine, and I’m not gon’ allow half assed authors to fuck up my paper

Now back to the issue…

Sweepin 'em off their feet in the ATL
Can you come up and make money writing books?

Hell yeah…hecky hell, fam

But like everything in life, you need to work HARD and SMART for the returns you wanna see…you gotta put in work…the overnight success is the exception, NOT the rule

There’s a big difference between the professional and the hustler…the professional lasts forever…the hustler leaves as quickly as they came

I’ll explain the different of the two next week

Aight ya’ll…I’m out


Nah’Sun the Great

Politickin' with fellow author Michael "Midtown Mike" Evans

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