Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Math vs Dose THE REMATCH

Math (the left) vs Dose (the right)


I’m a big time battle rap fan…as an MC, I too have battle rapped back in high school and college…battle rapping was a way to test your skill as an MC…nowadays, battle rapping has reached to higher levels with more sophisticated rhymes than years before

I wanna introduce this infamous rematch between Math Hoffa and J Dose for two reasons:

1. Their first battle was popular back in ‘07

2. Their first battle was popular in ’07 because of a punch to the chin


Now, I don’t condone violence in a battle rap…you kick someone's ass verbally because getting physical shows how weak minded you are…but shit, the punch was funny as hell…ha ha!

Check out the 1st clip below for the first battle between Math and Dose aka the infamous chin checkin’

The 2nd clip is an explanation of why Math had punched Dose

And the 3rd clip is the REMATCH that took place a few weeks ago

Here's my recap:

I think Math won the rematch 2-1 out of 3 rounds...Dose won the first round (he SNAPPED!) and Math won the last two

Dose is a dope lyricist, he just lacks a stage presence, and he needs to slow down his rhymes so everyone can FEEL what he's saying...some of the tightest shit he spat was rapped too fast to grasp in one listen

Math controlled the stage better and kept me more entertained...I'm all about bars (pure lyricism of wits), but I also want my battle MC to entertain and move the crowd

Anyway, enuff of that shit...see for yourself


Nah'Sun the Great

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