Friday, March 15, 2013

Are Writers Born or Made?

What’s wood, family?

Ayo, I’m a firm believer that everyone has at least ONE good story within them…including YOU…yep, you!, the same person reading this blog

The tricky part is having enough IMAGINATION to write more than one book…me personally, it’s about possessing a great imagination to write several books…I say you’re not officially an author until you write 3 joints...word up

Whether people are diggin’ your work is irrelevant…the books I think are trish-trash are well praised and sell like hot cakes, so opinions doesn’t matter unless you’re so bad that you can’t give the shit away for free

I think writers are born AND made

Writing swims bone deep in my blood stream…at least on my father’s side…but damn, I didn’t know I possessed the finesse to pimp my pen until the 4th grade…I wanted to be an architect and draw stadiums and shit...LOL

Winning 25 bucks from writing an essay on Malcolm X changed all dat…oh, fa’ sho…I figured, if a brotha can win money writing, then hell, I might as well play my cards right and shuffle a full deck with the kings, queens, jokers and feel me?

Then I later wrote cartoon episodes and blah blah blah…and now I’m writing novels

So while I was born a writer with a great imagination, I was also MADE because I had to dig deep to unearth that talent…but to keep it funky with you, I found that talent by accident…if it wasn’t for that essay contest (I beat EVERYONE at the 4th grade level in my grade school), I probably would’ve built a skyscraper in New York or some shit like that

Real talk

Michael Jordan was blessed with the skill to play ball, but even he had to bust his ass to be the greatest

You still gotta sharpen your swords even if you are born in a family full of warriors with the bloodlines of a killer...the more you do something, the better you'll get...practice makes perfect, family

Aight ya’ll…I’m out



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