Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Loaded Lux vs Calicoe Unedited EXTENDED 3rd Round

What’s wood, family?

Ayo…I’m finna take a quick break from talkin’ about the life of an author and the fuckery that goes along with it to post my favorite MC battle in recent years…Loaded Lux vs. Calicoe

The clip below is the un-edited version of the battle…if you weren’t physically @ the URL Summer Madness 2 event in NYC last August, you probably wouldn’t know about or saw the entire 3rd round…everybody knows about the edited version of the clip

But what you didn’t see is Calicoe choking in the 3rd round and Loaded Lux rapping for an extra minute after the “these Detroit niggas are still…cockfightin!” line

I’m not gonna give my thoughts on this version…I don’t wanna give too much away…I WILL say that SMACK (the promoter of the event) should’ve stopped Lux after he said the “cockfightin” line (like you see in the edited version) instead of allowing him to go on an extra minute

It’s almost as if Lux had said, “fuck it…I’ma go on” and started freestyling after noticing SMACK not stopping the battle…LOL

Anyway, I say no more…peep the clip below



Click Here if you wanna watch this version of the battle from your phone

Click Here for my thoughts on the battle overall in a past blog


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