Friday, February 22, 2013

Does Writing Gets You Groupies?

What’s woody, grasshoppers?

A lot of my lady friends think I get ass based on my books. And let me tell you, that’s FAR from the truth

Yes, I have women wanting to meet me on the strength of my writing. The erotic scenes get the honeys wet like tsunamis. But it’s not like I’m an athlete or entertainer. I think any talent attracts groupies, or admirers as I prefer calling them, and that comes natural because talent is attractive

Me personally, I don’t want groupies. Half of them wanna fuck me without buying my books anyway. I mean, shit. You don’t like me THAT much if you don’t wanna support my cause

Straight up and down

At the end of the day, I eat off my books. Sex is not important to me to disregard a book sale to get some pussy. And to keep it 100 with you, I’m not paying attention to groupies if I have any. In the grand scheme of things, I don’t know if I have groupies in the first place

I’m too busy saying, “My book is good because I wrote it.”


I DO know of male authors parading around with book groupies and bedding them. But hey, that’s on them. I just see what’s in front of me, and that’s greatness

Aight, family…I’m out


Nah’Sun the Great

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