Monday, January 25, 2016

Toi Toi Breaks the Internet

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

I'm good...alive and well after this damn blizzard that hit the East Coast over the weekend...20 to 30-plus inches of snow...yeezus!

Which leads me to this blog...

...a young lady on my friend's list is not only breaking the internet with a photo she posted on Facebook, but is also getting a lot of backlash for standing naked in the blizzard for the #SnowChallenge

Click here to check out the photo and the comments on her Facebook page

These comments are hilarious and troublesome at the same time

I don't wanna smash Toi Toi because I don't fall in love with internet chicks...

...but I bet the same people who said headz shouldn't judge Bruce Jenner for dressing up like a woman and Jaden Smith for wearing girls clothes on a fashion runway are the same ones trashing this young lady on some cyber bullying shit

People wanna pick and choose what they wanna criticize

If any of you religiously watch Empire, Scandal, and/or any reality show dealing with negro ratchetness, then your opinions about Black women empowerment are irrelevant

Real talk

I wonder if shorty would've gotten the same backlash in the comments if she was Kim Kardashian or Beyoncé with the Bey Hive

If Toi Toi was famous, the photo would've been considered "art"


A lot of negroes in the comments are also saying shit like, "this is why white people look down on us," "now you wonder why Black men treat Black women like shit," "you make it hard for women like me," and blahzay blahzay

So my question is this... does Toi Toi represent ALL Black women in America and worldwide?

She's accountable for her OWN actions

Black people aren't otherwords, everybody moves to a different drum...a different rhythm

No race, nationality, ethnic group, tribe, etc. are perfect

And for the record, if white people or Black men are using her photo as an excuse to frown upon Black women or Black people in general, then they already felt that way regardless

Stop giving ignorance an excuse to live

And the funny thing is, the people commenting are moreso focused on trashing, or supposedly giving Toi Toi constructive criticism of how a woman should carry herself, instead of showing love to entrepreneurs such as myself for posting their businesses in the comments of a photo that has gone viral

I posted book covers in the THICK series in the comments throughout the ordeal, and averaged 3 LIKES per post while negative comments about Toi Toi are getting LIKES by the boat loads

Thick Girls and The Guys Who Love Them

So who's worse?

A.) Toi Toi for posting the photo on social media like Facebook


B.) The people who are making her relevant by showering her with negative comments while sharing the photo to friends on their friend's list even though they claim she's ratchet and a thot

Not to mention folks tagging their friends in the comments just for them to talk shit about her

It's funny seeing how humans think...people promote shit they hate and ignore things they chick even said she was gonna send the photo to a radio station so they could talk about it on air...unbelievable

People love what they hate, and hate what they love

Then you wonder why people do certain things for attention on social media because society create their own Frankensteins while pretty much ignoring any information and visuals of substance

Flint, Michigan is in need of clean water, and muthafuckas wanna spend time and energy to bash an adult who was having fun with the snow challenge

Aight ya'll, I'm out

Click here to peep Toi Toi's twerk video and enjoy

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah'Sun the Great @

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