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The People's Champ

David L and Yours Truly

"90 percent of the business is hustle, the rest is talent" - anonymous

David L mixes both grind and talent to spread his author brand down the Eastern seashore from New York to Miami and points between. His forever expanding fan base showers him with support whether they're active in his Can I Hit it in the Morning Facebook group (Click here to join) or the blog site with the same namesake. The Brooklyn native has taken the industry by storm for over a half decade while enjoying the fruits of his hustle. Book clubs adore him, ladies are drawn to him, and guys respect him. So without further ado, allow me to introduce the People's Champ...

Nah’Sun - If there's one thing you could change about the book industry, what would that be? 

David L - One thing I would change about the book industry is the illogical attempts of so-called authors selling their soul by offering their craft for free via download. What readers need to understand is that it takes hard work to produce a book, and multiple factors need to be accomplished before a book can be ready for purchase like proper editing, illustration, distribution, printing, marketing, etc. Not to mention the endless days and nights to actually write the novel. Authors consequently need to understand that by offering their craft for free to the public, it diminishes their work, and thus, they are not taken nearly as seriously by the would be consumer

Nah’Sun - Describe the difference between today's book industry from your rookie year to now

David L - The book industry since [the first time I entered the industry] was not diluted by everyone with a pen and a pad wanting to become a best selling author. In 2016, every reader that has a story thinks they have what it takes to write a novel [along with] writers writing cliche stories and not taking their craft seriously is what is making these wannabe authors think they have what it takes to write a best-selling novel

Nah’Sun - What keeps you motivated to write and keep releasing books?

David L - My motivation has never been, or will ever be the almighty dollar. Instead, my motivation remains the countless readers that continue to keep me grounded and humble, always looking for that next David L. release. That [along with] unexpected reviews, emails, inbox messages, etc. from my readers telling me how much they enjoy reading my work are what continue to keep me going in such a dysfunctional industry

Nah’Sun - Give the readers a list of all the books you released so far

David L - Presently, I have four published novels available. They are (in the order i wrote them): Over Your Dead Body, My Life Is A Movie, Represent & Chalk Outline Confessions: The Remix. Coming soon (3/1/16) will be my fifth published release tentatively titled, A Recipe 4 Revenge

Nah’Sun - Which title is your favorite, and why?

David L - Although I do not have an actual "favorite" novel, my most "creative" (in my opinion) so far has been Chalk Outline Confessions: The Remix based on the novel's overall theme, storyline, use of 1st person/3rd person and level of action/intrigue. All of my published titles however are personal favorites for various reasons

Nah’Sun - Tell the readers about your Can I Hit it in the Morning blog (click here to read the blogs)

David L - Can I Hit It In The Morning?! is an online blog series of my creation which is only available via my author website. I created my blog series to "hold over" my readers until my next release as it will be my first published release in almost four years. The blog series tackles any and all topics relating to male/female relationships, and does not in any way show favoritism towards the male/female dynamic. Instead, it is an educational, yet entertaining facet of topics that transcend all of our generation's concerns

Nah’Sun - Have book clubs been beneficial to your career?

David L - Book clubs have been very beneficial during my formative years, and still do to this day because when connected to the right book club, they will undoubtedly support your literary endeavors and continue to drive your artistic aspirations by attending various book signings, hosting author meet & greets and purchasing novels to financially drive an author's career

Nah’Sun - Do you think authors should sign with other authors?

David L - Authors signing with other authors can be complex and definitely somewhat controversial. As an author signing to another author, one has to ask, "when it is time for the parent company (author/publisher) to release their own work, [and] will it take precedence over the signed author's product?" Although it can be successful in some instances, my opinion is that more often it is a potential conflict of interest for both parties

Nah’Sun - What are you working on now? And leave your contact info for people to reach you

David L - My present project is titled, A Recipe 4 Revenge. It is an action/thriller drama which follows four females as they return to their high school reunion to exact revenge on a man that has sexually tormented them during their high school years. In my opinion, [that book is] most definitely my most challenging yet thought-provoking project to date.

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