Friday, January 29, 2016

Steve Jobs Killed Hip-Hop

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

Quick Thoughts

The internet, social media, and cheap music software killed the quality of commercialized rap music...

...and this started around 2005-06

The takeover of social media had led to the gate keepers of the music industry to lose control of song quality and albums released...for better or worse, anybody with cheap home studio software, a half-assed "producer," and an internet connection could start a career overnight...they might eventually get a buzz, as long as the artist has a good number of fans to support them

Once the influx of homegrown artists became the norm, structurally trained musicians who were molded into stars over the years became rare...the quality went to it's almost weird to hear a properly produced song

Let's be honest...the majority of new joints you hear in the club or from the car from your radio are made by half assed beatmakers...I wouldn't dare disrespect the art by calling them music longer do you hear quality production like you did with a Pharrel, Timbaland, Organized Noize, Manny FreshDr Dre, Madlib, The RZA, Kanye, DJ Quik, MuggsPete Rock, DJ Premier, Marley Marl, Just Blaze, Scott Storch, etc.

Now all of the production nowadays sounds like some bullshit out of somebodies bedroom with poorly written songs

The era of classic songs are gone... we're in the age of loving the moment until the next wave of disposable music comes along to grab your short attention span without artist development

Aight ya'll, I'm Audi

Click here to peep to recent HOT 97 Timbaland interview where he breaks down the music industry

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