Tuesday, December 26, 2017

New York Women

What's woody wood, grasshoppers?

I have a quick question to ask...

...why are New York women so damn mean?!

And why do I think New York women walk around with a chip on their shoulders?

I used to say to my New York buddies, "I don't know how ya'll can deal with the women here"

So at first, I thought it was just me. But then I found out that other dudes in NYC felt the same way. And I felt better…LOL

I’m from Chicago, and I've met women from different parts of the city when I used to perform and go clubbing in NYC...I noticed a BIG difference between the attitudes of native New Yorkers and out of towners...even Long Island women are much cooler and more down to earth, and Long Island is on the SAME body of land with Brooklyn and Queens!

For everyone who isn’t from New York City, NYC is made up of 5 boroughs: Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx, Manhattan, and the red headed step-child called Staten Island.

Long Island is east of Queens.

What’s funny is that it got to a point where I KNOW when a woman is NOT from the 5 boroughs.

If you’re a chick who smiles and appears too happy-go-lucky when I see you walking down the street, most likely you’re NOT from New York.

Real talk

How do I know?

I usually strike a conversation with them and find out they aren’t originally from NYC, or when I converse with a woman at a club who lives out of town

I don’t wanna generalize, but the majority of women I’ve met in NYC who acted more easy going were either:

A) From other parts of the United States and moved to New York

B) Older women (age 30 and up)

C) Living on Long Island, Westchester County (north of the Bronx), or New Jersey (across the Hudson River from NYC)

You might say, "King, maybe it's how you approach them"

I’m not the type of dude who normally holla at females on the street. That’s not my style because it’s impersonal, and I understand the bullshit that women go thru from men on a daily basis with the cat calls.

If I catch eye contact with a shorty, I might say, “Hey, beautiful” and go my merry way.

Sometimes I get a response...

...sometimes I don’t

I don’t take it personal when I don't

I don’t take it personal because NYC is a cold, dog-eat-dog, rat race type of city where people are constantly on top of each other.

And people wonder why I rather work and live on Long Island than the boroughs…NYC is TOO stressful...word up

So I understand why New York women put up a defensive wall when you approach them

I laugh to myself when I see a sista mean mugging, but smiles AFTER I say a joke.

Anyway, I’m out like Star Wars


Nah'Sun the Great @ www.nahsunblaze.com


To all the New York women out there; I’m not shitting on ya’ll. But damn, it doesn’t hurt to smile sometimes

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