Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Female Ejaculation

I love eating coochie…

Okay, let me stop being fresh…It's aight, and I don't do it often…at least when I don't need to. I thought eating box was gross until I had to "man up" and realize that intimacy is a give and take activity

I might sound like a broken record, but the best way to stimulate a woman during sex is focusing on the clitoris and "g-spot", and 
there's a special technique to that art

For the record, I speak from experience…ya bwoy never fronts for the ladies…and if you don't believe me…well…there's one way of finding out (If I like you like that )

Teasing the inner thighs and other parts of a woman's body is VERY important. Anticipation will most definitely moisten the kitten and urge her to want penetration. Kissing/licking and massaging a woman’s thighs, back of her knee caps, lower back, back of her neck, ass cheeks, collar bone, in between her breasts, and toes (if they’re on point) are some of a woman's hot spots.

Always focus on how she BREATHES. Move your hands and tongue like the way she's breathing and moving. It's no different from dancing. You'll know when you're doing something right by the way she breathes.

Don't pay attention to her moaning. 

That is how you can play yourself by believing you're doing a good job when actually you ain't doing shit…a woman can fake a moan because it's controllable…breathing ISN'T

And when she breathes heavily use your fingers like you're telling someone to "come here" to stroke the G-Spot, which is two inches above inside the vagina. Make sure your nails are clean and because coochie needs special treatment, too…LOL

Gently massage the clit with the tongue in CIRCLES. Pretend your tongue is dancing with the clit by moving the tongue in a rhythm. Switching up speeds with the tongue is good, but NOT good when you do it off beat like you're starving

Once you work on the G-Spot and the clit at the SAME TIME, you'll know when she ejaculates as her pussy squirts. Beware of clear liquids squirting (it's not urine) when shorty's about to explode. It's impossible for a woman and man to urine while ejaculating so there's no need to worry.

As I think about it, oral sex isn't the only way for a woman to ejaculate. But, I'm not going to give away my secrets…LOL

And by the way, a woman bustin a nut and ejaculating are two different things…one is automatic (cumming) and the other requires more attention (ejaculation)…and of course, THIS TAKES PRACTICE.

Peace and Afro Grease

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