Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Biggie's Former DJ and Male Prostitutes

What’s woody wood, kinfolk?


Mister Cee aka THE FINISHER was once again caught fooling around with a male prostitute (allegedly...LOL)

Homeboy claims he isn’t gay…Ummm, okay

For those who don’t know about Mister Cee, he’s the legendary DJ for New York's Hot 97 radio station and once DJ’ed for Big Daddy Kane and Biggie...so you know he’d put in that work in the game…heard he also knows how to rock a party

I’m not even trippin' on him for being gay (allegedly)…that lifestyle is not my cup of henny, but hey, to each their own…people are gonna do whatever they gonna do regardless of what others think

What baffles me is him DENYING he’s gay (allegedly) as a public figure when he got CAUGHT fooling around with a male prostitute (allegedly) not once...but TWICE!

I’m also mad at him for not booking a ROOM so he won't get caught gettin' it in with prostitutes…LOL

Homie is a public figure…when you’re in the public eye, you gotta move different than your average joe…one reckless move as a celebrity can haunt you for life if you wanna keep your shit on the low

What you do behind closed doors is your business...I'm not interested in anyone's sexuality as much as anyone's religion, but keep it fuckin’ real, people…if you’re ashamed of who you are, stop doing whatever you’re doing…stop hiding who you are when you get caught with your pants down

No pun intended

Click HERE to check out Power 105 Breakfast Club goin’ in on Mister Cee (no pun intended) on your phone

On the flip side… 

Everybody has a RIGHT to privacy (even though his arrest was public)…I don’t think people should announce what they do in their bedrooms…shit, I don’t like when muthafuckas try to figure out what I’m doing


Mister Cee is from Brooklyn and comes from a West Indian background…Brooklyn has a reputation for gangsterism as the land of goons, robbers, thieves, and other criminal shit, and the West Indian culture is not cool with homosexuality…so I can understand why he’s hesitant with coming out the closet IF he plays for the other team

But damn, homey…sometimes you gotta face the music instead of beating around the bush, no pun intended

Mister Cee could've been the Jason Collins of Hip-Hop...LOL

At least he DID admit to trickin’ off on prostitutes and “skrippers”


The issue of him trickin' off on hookers is between him and Hot 97 since soliciting prostitutes is a crime


Click HERE to read the full story and listen to Mister Cee’s side of the story 

Aight ya’ll…I’m out


Nah’Sun the Great


I dedicate this video to Mister Cee...click here to watch on your cell phone

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