Thursday, May 16, 2013

The Clown Shit is Dead Part 2

What’s woody wood, grasshoppers?

Ayo…I wanna give a shout out to Charles Ramsey for helping those girls who got kidnapped in Ohio a couple weeks back...he’s a good dude for doing that, yo

However…yep, however…

Homey is old enough to know how to carry himself BETTER in public…dude was cuttin’ up in front of the camera on some Bozo the Clown type shit, sun…I'm not gon' lie...the jokes he told were funny…and he showed the TRUE nature of a Black man which is a man with a righteous heart (yes, Black folks aren't born savages)

At the same time, he should know better to not clown around too
much in front of a camera or else the media is gonna make a mockery out of him which will outshine his heroism

And guess what, they're already doing it which is a shame when you think about it…the news dug up skeletons about his past arrests for spousal abuse and other knuckleheaded crimes...they dug deep, yo...LOL

Headz are also going crazy with the auto-tunes, YouTube parodies and the quotables of Charles instead of focusing on his heroism…the focus went from him being a hero to them portraying him as a clown

And he loves it, too…LOL

On the flip side of the coin…
…some people DON’T know better regardless of how old they become…when you’re living in the country and don’t travel as much, you get stuck in one mode….living stuck in one gear stunts a lot of people’s growth as far as acting different according to the situation, and that’s why it’s funny when my elders use the “age breeds wisdom” theory because a lot of my elders act like they’re living in their second childhood

It’s like how people get uncomfortable when they get around different people because it’s a culture shock until someone gives them insight on how to act in various circumstances

So with that being said, I’m not gonna beat up on the brotha…he means well...he's being himself as if he was talkin’ to one of the homies…I just wish he didn’t give the media too much ammunition to clown him on the low

I'm also not surprised that the media are quick to parade him around on national TV…you know they LOVE seeing Black folks on some sambo "yesss massa" coon shit…a strong Black man is too much of a threat because it’s hard to break his spirit and make him do shit he doesn't wanna do

Aight, ya’ll…I’m out…check out the Charles Ramsey interview below, and the Mike Epps parody of that interview under it

Oh yeah, I think it’s weird how Ariel Castro was able to keep them girls hidden in his home for 10 years…SOMEBODY had to know somethin’…I’m just sayin’, mayne


Nah’Sun the Great @

The Charles Ramsey Interview (click here to watch on your phone)

Mike Epps as Charles Ramsey (click here to watch on your phone)


  1. My idea of a real hero and not somebody going public about there sexuality Mr. President Obama .