Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mo'Nique is a Skinny Bitch

What’s woody wood, grasshoppers???

I’m back in that ass with another blog to slap some funk in your life

Yesterday I saw that actress/comedienne Mo’Nique had lost some of that thicky thickness…she looks hella skinny, but I’m not mad at her…if she lost weight for health reasons, my blessings goes out to her ten fold

I’m not really trippin’ on shorty for losing weight…my THICK novel series is a tool for women who are plus size to aspire to live Thick and Fit…I’m bothered by the fact that she paraded herself as a champion BBW on a crusade against skinny bitches only to secretly wanting to be like them

I mean, shit, she WENT HARD on skinny chicks, and it seems like she waited to cash in on the plus size community before deciding to lose weight because of “health reasons”

Her whole swag was based on empowering plus size women, and now she’s a slim jim…a lot of big girls looked up to Mo Mo…I hope she didn’t cave in to the pressure of Hollywood to lose weight

First it was Oprah, then Star Jones, later Toccara, followed by Jennifer Hudson, and now Mo’Nique

Mo’Nique reminds me of that Black revolutionary militant dude who always screams that Black women are Queens of the earth while calling white women “Cave Bitches” only to marry a woman who’s whiter than the Almond milk I pour on my cereal


"Oh my milk of magnesia...after the Devil made you he broke the mold" - Preacher from Don't Be A Menace...

I don’t know Mo’Nique, but maybe her “skinny women are evil” attack was most likely a defense mechanism used to mask her own discontent & disconnect from self love...maybe that’s the case…I’m sure there’s a lot of big girls who secretly wanna live skinny

Just like I know a lot of skinny girls who wanna be thick…butt pads and ass injections are evident of that

By the way, slim doesn’t automatically mean “healthy” because I know a lot of skinny broads with health problems…straight up

While I agree on her losing weight to get healthy, I believe she will have to market herself differently now. Her whole appeal was based on being a big girl…now she gotta switch her shit up...those same big girls that bought her books and cheered her on might turn on her because of her not looking like the big girl she once was

She could’ve at least kept some of that thicky thickness because she looks like the skinny bitches she always clowned…I'm just sayin’, mayne

Anyway, I’m out


Nah’Sun the Great @


Anytime you hear a big girl always goin' in on skinny girls, that means she wants to be like them…envy's a bitch

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