Friday, April 29, 2016

The Story of Respeck: Behind the Birdman vs Charlemagne Beef

Birdman aka Stunna was a recent guest on The Breakfast Club, and well, the interview didn't go as planned

Before the show even started, Stunna warned hosts DJ Envy, Charlemagne Tha God, and Angela Yee to respect his name on the show and stop playing with him...Charlemagne called Stunna "Birdman Sandusky" as a play on words about the alleged cases of Stunna sexually molesting his recording artists...Jerry Sandusky is a former Penn State University football assistant coach who was found guilty of sexually molesting boys from 1994 to 2009

Anyway, when the interview actually started before the disclaimer from Stunna, Stunna and Charlemagne went back and forth before Stunna eventually got up and walked off the set with his crew

Charlemagne asked Stunna did he roll up on Trick Daddy and Rick Ross for their comments about Stunna's business dealings...during those interviews, both Trick and Ross had talked about past experiences with Stunna, and how they weren't too thrilled about his business dealings with Lil Wayne

CLICK HERE to peep the Trick Daddy interview from your phone

Stunna was pissed about The Breakfast Club for bringing up his name and subsequently showed up to the morning show to confront the three hosts...I don't think he had real intentions to do an interview...when asked about Trick and Ross, Stunna deflected the question and said, "I'm pullin' up on you, nigga," to Charlemagne

The interview was the shortest in Breakfast Club history, and damn sure the most entertaining in my opinion

CLICK HERE to peep the classic interview from your phone

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