Monday, January 27, 2014

Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don High Stakes RECAP!!!

Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don

What’s woody wood, grasshoppers?

Ayo, I just witnessed the greatest battle rap event of all-time between Harlem’s Loaded Lux and Queens’s Hollow Da Don. Rap battle league Ultimate Warrior threw the monumental event (High Stakes) yesterday in Elizabeth, New Jersey. Internet personality Jack Thriller hosted the battle, and even though his interviews on are funny as hell, he fuckin’ annoyed the shit outta me at times during the battle


Headz had to order the 4 match battle event on Pay Per View from Ustream for 30 bucks…I didn’t pay for it, but I put that shit on lay-a-way by tellin’ my dude I was gonna pay him 10 bucks the next time I see him...he had the computer, I didn’t; I was home while he was laying at home a couple miles away with the wife

I was good with him just calling me every now and then for updates…I chipped in for the love of the battle rap culture even though I didn’t witness the event first hand…I shot myself in the foot by telling my man I was gonna give him 10 bucks for the battle after someone had uploaded the bootleg version of the event right after the joint had ended

Lucky me

Last year Loaded Lux waltzed to the stage as a preacher with his crew carrying a casket before his battle with Detroit’s Calicoe

…yesterday he rolled through the joint as a member of the Black Panthers

That’s when I knew shit was gonna be real

Quick recap:

Lux’s rhymed first…his first round was stupid (stupid meaning “good” for the ebonically challenged)…the punchlines connected like crazy and he got the crowd going

Next up was Hollow…he roasted Lux about rockin’ “Eddie Murphy pants” and an “Hell's Angels jacket”…funny shit, and he came with more jokes…but I got Lux in that round

Round 2, Lux did his thing, but Hollow took the round even though he briefly got booed toward the end…I still got Hollow taking the 2nd...Hollow didn’t beat Lux rhyme for rhyme, he just outclassed Lux with charisma and wit

The 3rd round Lux took it home…he got personal with Hollow about his drug addiction to lean (cough syrup mixed with Sprite for the ebonically challenged) and impressed me with his punchlines that hit hard even though he also got booed briefly after kickin’ knowledge about Black Panther Party members Fred Hampton and Bobby Hutton…Hollow also got crazy in this round, and even brought out Calicoe’s father, BMF (Black Mafia Family) member Black Face, to the center of the stage

To make a long story short, Lux dissed Black Face during the battle with Calicoe two years ago on the Ultimate Rap League’s Summer Madness 2 event

Click here to watch, or keep reading if you already know the story

And Black Face proved Lux right last night…

…he is a lost nigga

Bringing out Black Face would’ve been more gangster if Black Face would’ve walked up calmly to Lux face-to-face with his arms folded and said, “Say that lost nigga shit now, nigga” with a MEAN stare down for a good 10 seconds before calmly walking off like a true O.G.

Instead, I saw this cat who gotta be over 40-years-old fake wild out on stage like he was gonna do something

Nice try, but no cigar

I got Lux winning that round by a hair of my beard

Overall thoughts

I got Loaded Lux winning the 1st round and the 3rd round…Hollow Da Don got the 2nd round…I felt Hollow rhymed stronger and outclassed Lux in the 2nd

Lux had more quotables in his first round than Hollow's whole battle, real talk

This battle is about preference. If you love technical rhymes and substance that make you think, you might pick Lux. If you 
want something simple with jokes and sarcasm, Hollow is your guy

The battle can go either way….I’m a supporter of both of these guys…I just favor Lux more…Hollow is cool, but Lux’s style is more my speed…I’m not gonna lie, tho…

…Hollow impressed the shit outta me throughout the battle…DAMN!!!

I wasn’t expecting that from the da don dininon

This battle was a classic example of a great back and forth between two great eMCees

Anybody who thinks Hollow won gets no hate from me…it’s not that serious…the battle was basically about preference and the clash of styles, and can pretty much go either way depending on what you like…but one thing’s for sure and two thing’s for certain…

…the battle was worth paying the 30 bucks

One up for Hip-Hop


Nah’Sun the Great @

Click here to watch the battle from your phone


  1. Honestly, I've reviewed about 5 recaps. This is by far the most hinest, fair, and balanced. I can't disagree with anything you said regarding this battle. Good job.

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  2. Hollow 3-0, he edged every round and clearly won in the building (I was there). Lux had a look of defeat on his face when the crowd chanted Hollow's name at the end. His facial expressions / body language at the end said it all.....

    1. Nuff respect on the response

      Just because someone wins in the room doesn't mean they won on camera

      The battle is 2-1 either way, but to say Hollow got Lux 3-0 and vice versa is crazy, especially when they got different styles of rap