Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Black & Gold May Day Party RECAP

What’s woody wood, grasshoppers?

I’m baaaaaaaack

Yep, your favorite author got a young sun tan, walking refreshed and better than ever, and is now back to work, baby

Before I left for vacay, I peeped that the good folks at Black & Gold Productions had included my drop for their promo video…Black & Gold throw grown & sexy day parties for the mature audience in NYC, and guess what!?

Nah’Sun the Great was in the thick of things @ the new Copacabana nightclub in Midtown Manhattan

No pun intended

I got my tickets on the day of the party…a brotha was on Negro Time, but I still got my tix for 20 bucks…I’m not the one to hit up the club early like a jerk off…I jetted out my pad at around 4:30 in the evening and got to the joint at 5:30

I immediately saw the lovely Sonya Graham…she takes flicks as the chief photographer for Black & Gold parties and other promotional groups…I stepped to Sonya and told the sista how I knew about the “infamous” Sonya Graham… 

…and then

I took a few more flicks from photographers without a website of their own, which means flicks of your favorite author are floating around somewhere in cyberspace…nevertheless, I got on my Hollywood shit and posed for the cameras

Speaking of Hollywood, the legendary DJ Hollywood rocked the turntables on the first floor…I got no flicks of him, which is a shame, but homie still rocked the party…shout out to DJ Hollywood for blessin’ partygoers since the Rooftop days in Harlem during the crazy 80s

I shot some flicks of Fonda Rae…she's a disco singer that dropped hits like “Over like a Fat Rat” and “Touch Me" during the 80s and performed those cuts on stage…she looks good, too

She can still get some of that goody good from the champ…I don’t discriminate on hotness…real talk

Aight, ya’ll…I’m out
Peep the Black & Gold video below, and check out my drop @ the 8:45-minute mark of the video...or CLICK HERE if you wanna watch from your mobile


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