Thursday, June 27, 2013

Aaron Hernandez...a Blood?

What’s woody wood, grasshoppers?

Daaaaaamn, homie…in foot-ball you was the maaaaaaan, homie

I’m gonna give Aaron Hernandez, former tight end of the New England Patriots, the benefit of a doubt…I doubt he’s that crazy to bust shots to prove he’s “bout that life”…I doubt he’s that silly enough to throw away every lil boy’s dream of playing in the NFL

And I seriously doubt he’s that fuckin’ ignorant to show off his possible gang affiliations

Oh wait…he did that already

Now…let me play devil’s advocate

I was born and raised in the city of Chicago, infamous for its history of gangsterism…the city is now known as Chi-raq (a play off the country Iraq due to mass shootings that occur on a weekly basis in the Chi)…street organizations ran wild during my era growing up even though they were more organized back then than they are now

The streets judge you based on where you live

If you live in a Gangster Disciple neighborhood, headz will automatically assume you’re a GD…I lived in a GD ‘hood at one point, and in a Vicelord ‘hood at another time (GDs and Vicelords are traditional enemies), and people thought I banged in those mobs on the strength of where I rested my head

I never gangbanged in my life (not counting the sex version of that word…but that’s another story…ha ha!)…but I had my share of fights and fuckery growing up as a wet-behind-the-ears boy in the city overrun with gangs

And with that said, it’s easy for Aaron Hernandez to grow up in Bristol, Connecticut around gangs and become affiliated without bangin’ on the street

By the way, since when did West BubbleFuck aka Bristol, Connecticut have gangs!!!...the ESPN headquarters is located there…damn, a small ass town wanna get on some gangbang shit like the big boys, huh?…LOL

But I digress…

It’s hard to leave your ‘hood once you reach a certain level…the average celebrity guy doesn’t wanna leave his ‘hood behind, especially when they showed love and had his back…so I can understand certain ties staying connected regardless of celebrity and fame coming into the picture


You can show love to your ‘hood and STILL keep your shit on the low…you leave that street shit alone once your bank account hit 7 zeros, baby boy…the ‘hood will always be there, and sometimes a celebrity dude gotta distance himself from cats who got a shady history

And if his boys don’t understand that, then fuck ‘em

I’ll be happy to sip on champagne with white boys on yachts while countin’ my paper…real talk…don’t get it fucked up, people...LOL

The same niggas you rode with growing up are the same niggas who’ll bring you down when situations get dirty…shit, ask Michael Vick…his own crew snitched on him for the federal dog fighting case

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t have a problem with breakin’ off my crew that stood by me before the fame a little bit of bread to feed their families on some love shit, but damn…

…a butterfly doesn’t fuck with a caterpillar after its evolution

Aaron Hernandez should’ve known better than to take flicks of him flashing his possible gang affiliations…I’m not gonna throw the young homie under the bus…I wanna learn the facts before I go hard on him…but dude shouldn’t have given the media more ammunition to shit on him when he already had a shady past

Homie should’ve deleted those pictures of him flashing guns and gang signs from his phone

On another note…

His baby mama is bad…Gaaaaaaawd damn!!!...I saw shorty crying in court on TV when the judge denied Hernandez bail...I wanted to bust through the screen and console her on some Captain Save-a-Hoe type shit

I’ll kill myself if I gotta spend the rest of my life behind bars without gettin’ another drop of that piece of punany

Anyway…I’ll stay in tuned to this trial …it’s a damn shame…but hey, it’s something to grow and learn from whether it’s him or a young stud with the same dreams he once had

Aight, ya’ll…I’m out

Click HERE if you don’t know the full story


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