Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Team Gator All-Black Party RECAP!!!

What’s woody, kinfolk?


I broke my damn cane on the way to the club…what a way to kick off my night…I haven’t hit the clubs since Labor Day weekend to finish up on Thick 2…my night already faced a rocky start

Cheapness doesn’t pay off…I bought that cane during my travels for 40 bucks…should’ve bought the joint for 60…that cane was more stable with a loop handle

They lucky my cane broke…straight up...I was gonna floss my ass off with it…LOL

Team Gator Co-CEO Peoples celebrated his born day @ Club Pranna in downtown Manhattan last Friday…the PACKED jumpoff was an all-black affair…real grown and sexy…you know I had to switch it up a bit by throwing the candy red in the mix

The lovely Shy and Nah'Sun the Great

One love to Shy for coppin’ her copy of Thick When the Chances are Slim at the club…she stopped me squeezing through the crowded ass dance floor that felt like I stood in a can of sardines and asked, “Are you Nah’Sun?”

I was flattered about her steppin’ to me considering we never met

We only know each other through Facebook

Shy is sexy as hell…THICK, too… Shy is what I call “slim-thick”...slim at the legs and waist with a bubble in the back that pokes out like bumpers

But on the real…I stay away from holla’rin’ @ supporters…mixing business and pleasure is like rum and milk

The messed up part is that I left my books in one of those free magazine bins on the street…anyone could’ve opened the bin and took a copy, but I seriously doubted that anyone in the thick of Manhattan would’ve opened the magazine bin to take a book

I asked the bouncer if I can go out the club to get my books and run back in to give Shy a copy of Thick for her to purchase

Homie said, “You gotta gimme a tip.”

And you know what, I wasn’t mad at his hustle…I would’ve done the same thing

…so I gave dude 5 bucks

Then the bartenders wanted a 2 dollar tip for using the pen they gave me to autograph the copy

…I didn’t give ‘em shit

Kool DJ Red Alert and yours truly

Speaking of meeting people…

I wanna give a shout out to all the ladies at the club tellin’ me, “I remember you on the trip to Atlantic City.”

Team Gator threw a day party @ 40/40 Club in Atlantic City last August…you know I did my thing…the shorties remembered my steez when I rocked the red fedora back then as well

As you can see, I’m a celebrity…I’m just not famous

*pimp giggle*

Real men rock red Stacy Adams socks

My night wrapped up on a positive note…I hooked up with a few familiar heads and made new connects…I linked up with this brotha and his homeboy outside Pranna before walking in…they knew the bouncers

Make a short story shorter, we skipped the line because of that connect

The funny part of the whole night happened at the end…an argument popped off between a guy and his homeboy’s girl…make another short story shorter, ol’ girl felt that dude violated at an all-white party awhile ago…dude copped pleas and apologized to his homie and his girl

A misunderstanding that could've been squashed in a matter of minutes lasted for 15 minutes…

…and I got most of it on my camera phone


I give the Team Gator all-black jumpoff an A minus

The minus comes from the bartender fuckin’ up my Long Island Iced Tea…homie made it too bitter…you NEVER mess with a Black man’s drink and expect to get away with it

I had fun overall…shout out to DJ Mike did his thing by making me forget why I stopped clubbin’ for a minute…a lot of DJs nowadays act too pussy to play different shit by going the safe routeMike Neeze mixed it up by playing new joints along with the forgotten oldies but goodies

I can’t wait until the March 72-hours of no sleep ski-trip Team Gator is hosting…not only I’m finna party my ass off, but also sell copies of both Thick books since they let me hold down a table

Nuff respect

Aight ya’ll…I’m out



Peoples (rockin' the sky blue bow tie) and the crew

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