Monday, November 26, 2012

Book Industry Fuckery

What's woody, kinfolk???

Last June my publicist had sent this lady an email about me possibly appearing on her blog talk radio show...a fellow author who does business with this lady had referred us to her

So we hit up the lady on the email, and she suggested we ship her a copy of Thick When the Chances are Slim...and we did...we got no answer...we hit her up weeks later, and come to find out the address she'd given us was invalid

Shorty then gave us a new shipping address...told her to hit us up when she got the book...and to her credit, she did

60 days was the waiting period until she'd get back to us

Time flew like crack...June ended...July cruised...August sped on...September rocketed into October...and now we're in November

STILL no answer

And you know what...I actually wasn't too bothered about her not getting back to us after 60 days until I checked out a Facebook status giving this lady praises about the work she'd done in the industry

So I had to speak up

Say "hello" to a prime EXAMPLE of the fuckery I sometimes go through in the book game by clicking the link below

Then you'll wonder why I go ape shit about industry nonsense

I don't give a fuck anymore...I'm finna put any and everyone on blast when they continue to do dumb shit after a private understanding is violated...skrait up

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