Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2012 Harlem Book Fair RECAP!

Aight, ya'll...I'm back...even when it's brief

This past Saturday I hit up the Harlem Book Fair...I promoted my THICK movement and shook hands with a few heads I knew, old and new, and expanded my brand

I may be wrong, but it seems like HBF (short for Harlem Book Fair for the slow folks) is losing its luster...kinda like that chick who used to be wifey material but isn't anymore because the whole 'hood done ran up in her

I've come across more authors and their affiliates than actual readers...the competition is too stiff, which is why I won't buy a table...I see no point in purchasing a table when I won't get AT LEAST close to the amount I put in

Seems like writing books is the new crack and Avon...but that's another topic for a later date

The GOOD part about HBF is that I got a chance to NETWORK...networking is key when you wanna build your brand and form alliances...I touched bases with Mack Mama to appear on her radio show...I did a little bit of politickin with her

And WHA-LAH!...I'm booked for Sunday, August 5th @ 11pm EST for her radio show on Blog Talk

Mack Mama and Me

Shorty is thick and kinda 'hood...she's the type of broad who'll stab a nigga and call the cops to tell them SHE did it...my type of chick...Oooooh yeah 

I've also come across Simone Green

...a woman who pretty much had the balls to talk about her experience with Suge and Tha Row when everybody and their mamas shitted in their pants for even DREAMING about it

Simone promoted her book, Time Served on Death Row Records, that detailed her time with Death Row Records as Chief Photographer for the label...her book is dope...it's funny and sad at the same time like bustin a nut and realizing you didn't wear a condom

I finished
the book in two days...a must have!

Her green eyes are mesmerizing...I couldn't look too hard because her significant other was there...good guy...I didn't wanna scra
p with a big cornbread fed brother and get my swag all fucked up on the strength of him thinking I was trying to mack to his main squeeze, nahmean

I just liked the eyes


Simone Green and Me

Oh yeah, I also checked out a couple panels including one featuring my guy David L...he's a fellow author who's doing his thing...homie grinds hard...PAUSE!

The panel centered on independent authors and how they market their books...I was invited to speak on that same panel, but I declined...I'm not gonna play myself considering I just get up and go...drawing up a marketing plan to me is like Chinese algebra...I just get up and grind

There's no technical shit in my hustle...just straight impulse and adrenaline on some jump out an airplane with a busted parachute type shit

Aight, ya'll...that's all, folks...back to writing...I'm out



Reminds me of the Good Ol Days

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