Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Get the Fuck Off Your Phone!!!

Happy New Year, grasshoppers?

My New Years Eve was wack...went to some bullshit club in Harlem...won't say the name of the spot because it's not the club or the promoters fault

In fact, the atmosphere was great...

...the females were just hella corny


...get off the damn phone when you're @ the club...I don't understand that shit...for real, for real

What's the point of clubbin when you wanna play the wall and look cute, or sit down and look @ a screen all dang-on night?

The ONLY time I glance @ my phone is when:

A) I'm checking for messages to meet up with someone @ the spot

B) I'm taking pictures

Other than that, I didn't pay 20 bucks or better to eye fuck my phone

And another thing...

Some of the chicks @ the joint had boyfriends, some of them didn't wanna dance with dudes, some sat @ tables with screwfaces, and 
others only wanted dudes to buy them and their homegirls drinks


Hangin out with my dudes was the jewel of the night when midnight struck to bring in the New Year, but I wanted to dance with tenderonis as well

I mean...

...isn't THIS what the club is for?

That's why I hit up grown and sexy events where women wanna dance...35 and over jawns...the 60s and 70s babies know how to party

Real talk

I should've went to Avalon (formerly known as Tabu) in Long Island to two-step with the grown folks

That was my originally plan, but hey, you live and you learn

Aight, ya'll

I see you when I see you

Peace and Afro Grease

Nah'Sun the Great @ www.nahsunblaze.com

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