Wednesday, February 26, 2014

The NFL Hates Niggaz

What’s woody wood, grasshoppers?

The National Football League (NFL) wanna penalize players for saying “nigga” during a game…since when wealthy white men cared about the welfare of Black people?…I mean, seriously

You got plenty of problems to focus on in the Black community, and folks are worried about Blacks callin' each other niggas...LOL

“Nigga” is a very powerful word…it’s one of the few things white folks don't have control of…Black folks can say it, but white folks can’t (at least without consequence)…and that fact burns a hole in their they wanna make a big fuss about athletes saying “nigga”

Gimme me a break

It’s funny because you’ll most likely hear Black athletes saying “nigga” toward each other than a white person saying it (with the "er," not the "a") towards Blacks

"Nigga" is a control issue in this case, not some good Samaritan who wanna help out the image of Blacks…white folks are STILL gonna say “nigger” even when Blacks stop saying "niggA" among each other…real talk

NFL TEAMS should police their players, NOT the damn league

Anyway, CLICK HERE to read more about the story


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The NFL around my way means Niggaz For Life :)

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