Friday, October 27, 2017

Sneak Preview of You Me Us Them - A Swingers Chronicle (Week 1)

*** Sneak Preview - Week 1 of 10 ***

Roxy got off from thinking about Niccolo...
...not from her husband.

She wanted new dick. New dick that served her better than what she got on a regular basis. But of course, her husband didn't allow it. No matter how many time he carried on with other women at lifestyle parties to get his nut off.

...the downfall of every swing couple.

She rolled her eyes from boredom when her husband pumped away. Thinking he was doing something. Thinking he was putting in work. The sex was great during the first half of their marriage, but ever since they got introduced to the lifestyle within 6 years of their union, she wanted something new as much as he did. The thing was, he was the jealous type. Something she couldn't fathom because he yearned for new pussy as much as she desired new dick. But her playing with another man while he sexed different women wasn't happening. Not under his watch. And all of that pent up frustration had made up her mind to cheat when the goose couldn't get the same treat as the gander.

(Taken from You, Me, Us, Them by Nah'Sun the Great)

Nook and Kindle eBook release on December 25th

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